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Miriam V. Keene

March 6, 1929 ~ May 23, 2020 (age 91)


Miriam Virginia Keene “Micki”, “Grams”

March 6, 1929 – May 23, 2020

God placed a mortal angel in Minnesota on March 6, 1929 to Vesta Adeline Haworth and Archibald “Blaine” Canfield.  He then decided it was time to give Miriam Virginia Keene “Micki” or “Grams” wings on May 23, 2020.  Micki blessed everyone for 91 years with her infectious, resolute, kind spirit coupled with a comforting smile and eyes emulating windows to her soul!  Micki never had anything derogatory to say about anybody because she always shrugged with a small hand gesture while speaking softly, “Oooh well.  What are you gonna do?  Oooh my, Oooh God.  Whatever?”  Micki always cared about others’ misfortunes and at times she was stressed about not being worried, while speaking aloud to herself, often.  What was that Grams?  She’d reply, “Oh nothing.  Just talking to myself out-loud.”  Every moment Micki attended the Hemet Eagles, Elks, V.F.W., American Legion, The Moose and other public domains, instantaneous accolades of “So nice to see you” rained.  Micki, (the family matriarch), was treated as a queen by family and friends, but also complete strangers- at a glimpse going out of their way to complement!  Physically small, she possessed the strength of a lion, while tending to her half-acre property.  She would climb a six foot ladder with a chain saw until the age of 85 and decided on her own, it would be best not to drive at age 89.  She loved her exercise picking the weeds and manicuring her home-stead, consistently and passionately!  Grams took pride in having the best land off a rural dirt road in Valle Vista, Ca.  She and husband Herbert Harris Keene (married September 19, 1947) and purchased the property in 1980!  Shortly after, Herbie retired from the school district and Micki retired from Beckman.  Grams’ courage and optimistic perspective on life allowed her to endure losing both her oldest child Patrick Keene and husband 10 days apart in October 2003, respectfully!  Micki exemplified the best qualities of the greatest WWII generation, while adhering to the principles of accountability, reliability, responsibility, eye contact and deals are final via hand-shakes with a “my word is oak” mentality.  Micki’s wishes were to pass at home peacefully and she required surgery, which had post-op complications.  She returned home the Sunday before Thanksgiving and giving special thanks from her grandson Travis (24 hour care-giver) to Elaine (friend and elderly care-giver), Cinta Hospice (nurses Melony, Katelynn, Anna and Shannon) for always supporting and being committed to “Team Grams” for seven months.  Furthermore, the quality of care couldn’t have been achieved without the great delivered home cooked meals provided by her daughter (Pam) and grand-daughters (Tiffany and Tamra) and to her son (Parry) “Pandemic Parry” for always shopping and retrieving the needed supplies and groceries during these times!  The greatest joy comes from fulfilling a loved one’s wishes as Micki did for Herbie when she was his primary care-giver allowing “Gramps” to pass peacefully at home!  If your loved one has a terminal illness or decline and Medicare, ask the primary care physician to prescribe home hospice because all equipment, meds and supplies are delivered within 24 to 48 hours!  The family appoints a live in care-giver while hospice handles the obligations through constant communication and attention to the plan of care!  Micki is immediately survived by her daughter Pam Howe, son Parry Keene, grandson Travis Howe, granddaughters Tiffany Howe-Villalba and Tamra Howe-Crawford and great grandsons James Crawford and Drake Crawford.  You will always be our guardian angel from above and greatly missed, Micki/Grams!

Micki is entrusted to Hemet Valley Mortuary for private burial at Riverside National Cemetery!


“An Ode To True Care-Givers”

Empathetically Providing Care, Equates To Selflessness!

Control-Giving Exemplifies Selfishness!

By James Travis Howe


Howe, I wish you understand the difference because it is simply- common sense!

Care giving instills a loving/compassionate plan of care while tending to another’s senescence!

A control giver’s sub-conscience is piously denigrating and focused on convenience,

When dealing with a patient’s multiple health issues!

Both rueful and elation filled tears require tissues!

Patients prating with a moan, solidify a set mentality where soft sand becomes stone!

The true 24-hour care-giver is a rock when protecting their own “Mental Garden of Eden”!

Humbly not in vain, becoming one’s own best friend,

While establishing new routines until the end!

 Control-givers love to hang out at shidz creek!  Care givers construct a “Block Wall of Proclivity”

Providing separation from those attitudes that reek, when attaining outcomes one may seek!

Strive to never be controlled, abused, unconfident, incompetent and/or mentally- weak!

Bed ridden patients rely upon care givers when times are bleak!

All of a sudden, the next morning, the patient’s cognitive abilities and alertness peak,

Making every effort worth more than words one can speak!

Results are achieved through actions and reliability- not tongue-and-cheek!

Serving sustenance to the patient all day, eventually, strength increases every week!

Losing multiple senses, one may have to speak directly in their ear!

Translation occurs when others are uncomfortable with the proximity required to hear!

Once the sense of taste dissipates, encourage the patient that the meal is delicious!

Precisely, when the care provider’s goal of equitable comfort as a team- one becomes us!

Constantly, adapting to a new routine or hiatus!  Changing diapers, at times, is atrocious!

Conveying care, establishes a relationship, partially, defined as harmonious!

Eliciting love instinctively, allows one to sacrifice their own desires and direction,

In order to establish (as a mirror) a facial “get better” reflection!

Perceived eye-to-eye without words as a promising “window to the soul voice inflection”!

Continuous interaction with the patient leads to details of attentive affection!

Promulgate auspicious admonitions while emphasizing the elegiac situation!

Proactively combat multiple ailments, afflictions and any infection!

Great care givers know when others aren’t paying close attention!

Never rely on family support you won’t get!  Rather, focus on anything unachieved yet!

Always dream and depend upon yourself- Do Not Forget! 

Display optimistic emotion when explaining the Plan Of Care- You Bet!

Abuse leaves a patient in the bed for hours Soiled And Wet!

Accentuating care emits energy At Any Hour- “No Sweat”!

Times may become a bore, but Never Mistake Caring As A Chore!

Only Yourself, Will You Ignore!


Currently, I am tending to the last matriarch at the age of 91- “Grams” whom I adore!

Rationale coupled with persistent encouragement makes the patient realize- they need more!

Witnessing the improvements first hand emanates a new plan of care than the day before!

Care providers need alone time or they may become “lost at sea”- without a shore!

While caring for another, one must find a balance- then personal passions, do not abjure!

Howe, I hope you perceive this as an ode and not a lecture or conjecture!

Remember, every day is the beginning of a new adventure!

It is simply the art of a care giver’s mentality to love and others- project allure!

When pressure sores and bed rash consistently occur, establish a plan of cure!

Those types of ailments are issues not problems and attention to solution eliminates conjure!

Virtuous consolation and consultation accentuates a sagacious conversation!

Implanting knowledge one can sow as a seed, eventually, planting wisdom in your “Eden”!

Connecting as a train (your heart and mind), establishes freedom from guilt- you’ll find!

To Gram’s and those intrinsically involved with complex issues- we’ve solved,

Remember to always ask the patient because it provides an incompetent

 Sense of control, inclusively with the patient’s choice altered, but primarily involved!

When bed ridden, one’s ailments recur and suddenly, old afflictions re-evolved!

Over time, a care giver senses when the patient may want to give up!

A small hiccup, if one acts as a “Sarge” requiring them to step it up!

My phloetic precept to others (in a similar situation) use as a manual- one can Set-Up!

Care Providers understand immediate action is required and Do Not Hesitate Or Extenuate!

Losing a Family “mortal angel” Is Always too soon, never late and Difficult To Recuperate!

Through this journey Grams, I will postulate, when you pass, I and others will Forever- Ululate!

 Hoping to meet someone with Your Character Gram luridly, then Only Her, will I Date!

You may read or hear this Multiple Times?

Those are just my thoughts through these rhymes!


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