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Wallace James Lyons

August 4, 1928 ~ April 10, 2018 (age 89)
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Wallace James Lyons

8/4/1928- 4/9/2018

The eldest child of 10 learned how to work at an early age—the cows had to be milked!

Pretty soon the dirt had to be tilled, fire started on the stove, or beans picked and cooked.

With the 4H Club he learned how to feed and handle a pig until one day this pig was auctioned off and turned into a bicycle.

He didn’t like the way algebra was taught so he left school just after the end of WWII to join the Army.

Wallace became proficient in running the teletype machine—so proficient that he was put in charge of some world wide communications like the dissemination to the world of atomic bomb tests in Las Vegas, NV in 1952.

The Korean War found him with KMAG, the Korean Military Advisory Group where the U.S. was teaching the South Koreans about war.

Wallace was sent to Germany and helped in the blockaded Berlin train runs of food and had to carry a gun to protect the food from thieves.

Marriage to a woman with two children soon found him bringing his family to Orleans, France-- with a new baby in tow—that is until President de Gaulle decided all Americans with the U.S. military must leave—never mind that the U.S. military had recent freed all of France from the German occupation.

Pretty soon Wallace and his family were shipped halfway across the world to Taiwan. Wallace brought back to the USA some beautiful teak furniture.

At some point Wallace Lyons was put in charge of Camp San Luis Obispo. This became a lifelong tragedy as there was a ruckus one night and those terrible events lead Wallace to despise the Christian religion and avoid anything to do with it or Christ.

At some point Wallace was able to move his whole family to Sacramento, CA where he retired from the Army and started working for the Sacramento school district.

After retiring a second time he and his then-wife Jannette started RVing and spending a lot of time at Tracy Wildlife outside of Tracy, CA.

After Jannette passed Wally became a member of the Escapees (SKP)/RVing group and WIN (Wandering Individuals Network). In these endeavors Wallace met and married Barbara “Dolly” Goodson-Mears.

It was very hard to keep track of Wally and Dolly, because they started to roam the whole world—everywhere north of the equator with a stop in Europe for four years. This was all courtesy of the Military Space A Program as this was all done on total income of $25 per day!

Four grandchildren survive him—Lynnette Darrough, Steven Darrough, Aaron Lyons, Joey Lyons, and Jimmy Lyons. Wally was sure proud of all of them.

Wally had a very funny, dry sense of humor and loved the Reader’s Digest jokes—always wanting to share them with anyone!

Wally was always working and/or learning and even at age 89½ he had very strong muscles. He was very neat and very proud of being retired from the U.S. Army.

Wally accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior six days before he went to be with Jesus.

Wallace has two surviving sisters—Carol Warrick and Mary Amos as well as lots of nieces and nephews, including Sue Johnson Mills.


Words of Comfort given to Dolly, from Wally Through the Holy Spirit 4/10/2018 Exactly 24 Hours After his Death; Not one word being edited!

 I am now in the valley where the peace that passes all understanding is.

What a joy it is to look around and see so many happy faces,
Jesus and time is a healer of all sorrows.

I will look forward to welcoming you to my new home.  It is a glorious place and we get to play and talk with Jesus all the time.

While you still walk on the earthly ground Jesus and I will protect you.  Pray without ceasing

On earth I had a long journey because of abuse to me which brought me to my knees.

I responded the only way I knew how and that was to avoid all contact with anything spiritual.

In my very last days on earth I was in dream state in which my eyes were opened.  I then accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.

May I, at this time recommend Jesus to you- to be your Lord and savior.

I lost 60 years of my life avoiding Jesus because I thought He was a cruel and punishing person....when in fact He is a loving person that forgives all sins and makes new all bad experiences!!

Taken from dictation to Barbara Dolly Lyons       2018

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